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Below you’ll find an example of a half day training session.

Take control of your supply chain in a half day

When your customer target group expands and differentiates, so does your selection of sold goods/services. A large product selection also means many separate purchases. This often brings along a large number of individual suppliers. Large product selections also hold relatively larger proportions of products with small sales. Quite often, a business’ low profitability is a result of costs growing faster than profits when attempting to grow a business by increasing its volume.

The aim of managing material flows is to ensure the efficient use of labor, capital, and available space. This training course will teach you how to focus on what really matters – In other words: How to get more with less!


1.   The ABCs of business: A supply chain perspective

a.   Productivity

b.   Efficiency

c.   Effectiveness

2.   Cost structures in the supply chain process

a.   Warehousing costs, committed capital, stockout costs

b.   Purchasing, handling and logistics-related costs

c.   Costs of customer service

3.   Product analysis

a.   Gross profit and operating profit on the product level

b.   Why are product classifications (such as ABC) necessary?

c.   How should these be interpreted and utilized, when building your product selection?

4.   Transaction analysis

a.   The relationship of gross profit and operating profit on a transactional level

b.   Transaction analysis of suppliers, stores, and consumers

c.   How should these be interpreted and utilized in day-to-day business?

5.   Management of materials flow

a.   Inventory turnover (average / end inventory), Inventory stay time

b.   Stock availability, Inventory as a percentage of sales

c.   Service levels, your supplier’s supply security


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