SCM PriceWise – Tracking changes in sale and purchase prices

SCM PriceWise tells you all you need to know about changes in your business' purchase and/or sales prices. Indexes representing cost developments are created in the same fashion as other SCM Best Practice summaries. They can be generated effortlessly and support an overall, multifaceted analysis.

Price indexes allow you to e.g. visually observe whether changes in your own sales prices correspond to changes in your purchase prices, and more importantly, whether this development is aligned with your own estimates, and the current market situation.

Your business' price developments can also be compared to more universal changes in prices. By default, comparisons are done by comparing your prices to Statistics Finland’s producer price indexes, according to the industry you are in. Comparisons can also be done on the basis of any other available data, e.g. commercial data that you possess, or decide to purchase.

SCM PriceWise is for your when:

  • You want to efficiently monitor real price changes.
  • You want follow the price changes of individual suppliers, product groups, clients, or prices according to the person in charge.
  • Your profits are decreasing, and you want to know why (e.g. is it due to sales prices, purchase prices, or both?).
  • Your purchase prices are rising, and you want know if it’s just you or not?
  • You want more value out of your ERP system.

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