SCM KeyFigures – A fresh perspective on business success

SCM KeyFigures are metrics that measure the productivity of both labor and capital. These numbers reveal key facts about whether your business is succeeding or not. Comparisons can be done between any Finnish companies.

The SCM KeyFigures report is a different kind of overview of your business' dealings. Key figures are presented from a 3-to-5 year time period give you an immediate sense of where your business is headed. You don’t need your latest financial statement for this. SCM KeyFigures comparisons are done directly from financial statement retrieved from Suomen Asiakastieto Oy databases.

Below is an example of different SCM KeyFigure graphs:

Every SCM KeyFigures report has 12 important key figures. These are:

  •  Revenue, in €
  •  Value added (gross margin + staff expenses), in €
  •  Operating profit, in %
  •  Value added, in %
  •  Revenue / person, in €
  •  Value added / person, in €
  •  Real productivity of labor (value added € / personnel costs €), in €
  •  Gross margin, in %
  •  Inventory value / revenue, in %
  •  Inventory dwell time, in days
  •  Return on investment (ROI), in %
  •  Net gearing, in %

Examples on how to use SCM KeyFigures:

Your own business
SCM KeyFigures is a highly efficient package for monitoring changes in the productivity of labor and capital. It also gives you the tools needed for deepening your cooperation with clients and suppliers.

Suppliers of goods and services
SCM KeyFigures gives you a good sense of in which direction your partner’s profitability and inventory turnover are developing. It also enables you to compare your current suppliers with each other.

SCM KeyFigures helps you see what is important about your client’s current state of affairs. This gives you powerful arguments when, in addition to making sales, you want to develop your combined logistics in a mutually beneficial way.

Key efficiency figures allow you to position yourself correctly in regards to competitors.

Investment opportunities
SCM KeyFigures reflects the same real state of events that long term stock prices follow.


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