TILAUS–TOIMITUSKETJUN HALLINTA - Digitalisoitumisen haasteet

(SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT – Challenges in the Information age; only in Finnish.)

Book: Tilaus-Toimitusketjun Hallinta - Digitalisoitumisen haasteet, by Jouni Sakki

8th completely revised edition, 161 pages
Available both in print, and as an eBook

The book is available directly from us for 42 eur/copy, or 30 eur/copy in orders of five books or more. Postage and VAT (10%) are included in the prices. You can order a printed copy by sending an email to:
Also available in book stores and online stores, ISBN 978-951-97668-7-4

eBook  ISBN 978-951-97668-6-7 (EPUB)
 ISBN 978-951-97668-5-0 (PDF)

The Finnish eBook is on sale in the following online shops: Ellibs, TalentumShop, and Elisa Kirja

The book is a staple of business literature. It gives you an overview of material flows in retailing and manufacturing, and presents methods for managing material flows.

Digitalization is everywhere, and supply chain management is no exception. Digitalization brings along with it many new challenges in several fields, such as management, purchasing, and logistics. The book paints a clear and convincing picture on topics such as the measurement of added value, mapping costs in the supply chain, key figures for management, and developmental needs for both public and private sector purchasing.

The new 8th edition has been completely updated. New content includes: key figures for efficiency in different industries, the effects of digitalization on B2B commerce, and implementing retailing and purchasing in the global economy.

The book is designed to be a practical tool for corporate management and other people in different sectors of the business community. It is especially well suited for use in refresher training of corporate personnel, as a textbook for universities and colleges, and for everyone that wish to develop their skills in purchasing and logistics. The book also works well as supplementary material, as a coaching guide, and for self-study. Rehearsing is easy thanks to summaries found at the end of each chapter.

  Book index (PDF; in Finnish)
  References found in the book can be found here.

The Finnish eBook is on sale in the following online shops: Ellibs, TalentumShop, and Elisa Kirja

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