SCM - Purchase Price Analysis

SCM Purchase Price Analysis enables new modes of cooperation between companies. The application produces ABC classification summaries for each of your customers’ purchases from information in the supplier’s database. The application includes a virtual desktop for the reviewing of costs occurring on both ends of the supply chain. You can communicate to your clients their most economical parcel sizes. You can also produce a report containing a complete summary of your businesses transactions with them, including current costs, opening up possibilities for optimization.

SCM Best Practice views the flow of goods as a process through the company

  • The inbound process refers to all work steps and procedures that are necessary before sales or manufacturing. This may also include people from the sales and customer service departments.
  • The outbound process includes all work steps included in fulfilling a customer’s order. These steps include, for example, customer order processing, help desk work, customer service, sales work, collecting work done in storage, and distribution.
  • Work done in storage areas is divided into inbound and outbound process work, according to its cause
  • Storage facilities and equipment, as well as capital committed to inventory, are specified separately in the application.

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